Drone Japan 4k 絶景 ドローン 空撮映像 残雪の南八ヶ岳縦走 2 空中登山 DJI Aerial Climbing Snowy White of Yatsugatake

Drone Japan 4k 絶景 ドローン 空撮映像 残雪の南八ヶ岳縦走 2 空中登山 DJI Aerial Climbing Snowy White of Yatsugatake

撮影機材 DJI PHANTOM 4   撮影日時 2017.4.28 15:51
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イメージ登山ルート 中山乗越~赤岳鉱泉~赤岩の頭~硫黄岳~横岳~赤岳展望荘~赤岳~中岳~阿弥陀岳~行者小屋~中山乗越




Image climbing route Nakayama Nokkoshi ~ Akadakekousen ~ Akaiwa no Kashira ~ Iwodake ~ Yokodake ~ AkadakeTenbosou ~ Akadake ~ Nakadake ~ Amidadake ~ Gyojagoya ~ Nakayama Nokkoshi

Yatsugatake straddling the center of Japan, Nagano prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture is a mountain mass with unique mountains. It is a popular alpine spot with two different faces, Minami Yatsugatake where a sharp rock formation of altitude 3000m class continues and Kita Yatsugatake where the virgin forest and Ikeuma give a mysterious atmosphere.

Minami Yatsugatake has a steep topography, including the main peak Akadake, sharp peaks of Yokodake, Iwodake, Amidadake, and Iwamine group represented by large and small concentricities on the west side of Yokodake. For this reason, rock climbing rocks are one of the most popular rock climbing in Japan, and in the winter the rocky ridge which is also known for the ice climbing of the ice waterfall is the center.

Most of these areas are designated as Yatsugatake Central Plateau National Monumental Park.
This area has many hot springs because it is a volcanic zone.
In the vast footpaths, the Kiyosato Plateau and the Nobeyama Plateau on the east side, the Fujimi Plateau and the Tateshina Highlands on the west side are spreading, and highland vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage are cultivated using the cool weather in the summer I will.
Since underwater water springs up at the foot of the mountain, ruins of the Jomon period are distributed densely, especially around the foot of the southwestern side.