UP-S6 1s LiPo Battery Charger

UP-S6 1s LiPo Battery Charger

UP-S6 is the answer to your charging needs for micros, and other toy grade quads alike that run off 1s 3.7v batteries. With 6 individualized charging channels that can be run at up to 1amp per channel, there’s no more worrying about ensuring all batteries are the same voltage. It’s totally plug and play, and couldn’t be easier to use. This device has a permanent spot on my bench and is my new primary 1s charging unit. Bonus: It can also charge LiHV 1s batteries too, up to 4.35v! This charger is still great to buy in 2019 for your whoops, especially LiHV batteries which is a MUST HAVE for all of the brushless models out there today like Moblua 7.

👉Buy it: https://us.banggood.com/custlink/3vD3JOTccS

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